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Infrastructure Report

Evidence Week 2020


University of Leeds Alumni event - Catherine Graves

If you're interested in how Virtual Reality is used in pro-environmental behaviour research, here is a recent talk hosted by the University of Leeds Alumni team featuring Catherine Graves, a PhD student at the Sustainability Research Institute at Leeds. She discusses how we think about our own pro-environmental behaviour and the role VR can play...

Building flexibility into COVID recovery planning

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how techniques from decision making under deep uncertainty (DMDU) can help during COVID-19 recovery planning. DMDU approaches and tools aim to improve the robustness of decisions when it is difficult to predict what the future might look like and to build in flexibility so that plans can...

Building flexibility into your strategic plans

NOTE: this was written with PhD students in mind but is relevant for any of us whose projects will be disrupted by COVID-19  There is so much uncertainty associated with the spread of COVID-19 and the associated restrictions in the UK, but also restrictions in countries where you might be doing fieldwork, that it can...

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