Project papers:

Roelich K. 2020. What did infrastructure ever do for us?. IPPR Progressive Review. A review of the many ways that infrastructure influences wellbeing and how we might change decision making to address both wellbeing and climate changelink

Roelich K, Giesekam J. 2019. Decision making under uncertainty in climate change mitigation: introducing multiple actor motivations, agency and influence. Climate Policy. 19(2), pp. 175-188. Extending Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways approach to  include the perspectives and agency of multiple actors through a case study of the UK construction sectorlink

Related papers by project team:

Wood N, Roelich K. 2019. Tensions, capabilities, and justice in climate change mitigation of fossil fuels. Energy Research and Social Science. 52, pp. 114-122 link

Bonjean Stanton MC, Dessai S, Paavola J. 2016. A systematic review of the impacts of climate variability and change on electricity systems in Europe. Energy. 109, pp. 1148-1159 link